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What You Get!

When you enroll in our 10-Week Fitness Challenge, you'll receive:

  1. 60 instructor-led fitness classes
  2. A small, supportive team with a coach that will inspire and motivate you
  3. Student manual with lots of tips and additional resources
  4. Boxing gloves and wraps
  5. Three fitness evaluations
  6. Supportive and encouraging environment
  7. Graduation party at the end of the 10-week session
  8. Entry into $1,000 biggest transformation contest
  9. FREE MYZONE heart-rate tracking belt!

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Hit Your Level 10 with MYZONE®!

We now offer the industry-leading MYZONE system. This technology provides real-time tracking of exercise effort on displays in our gym and on your smartphone. Unlike wrist trackers, MYZONE is 99.4% accurate and inclusive of all exercise activity – so you’ll get credit for all of those burpees, planks and sit-ups you’re doing in our classes – not just the steps you’re taking.

Based on MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), members are able to see their effort during class ensuring they hit their level 10 and get the results they want and connect with other members and participate in fun MYZONE challenges.

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping - New Hope

7550 42nd Ave. N.
New Hope, MN 55427

Phone: (612) 875-6140 
Head Coach: Krista Berbig
Franchise Owner: Boatmans & Berbigs



Farrell's New Hope Gym location