New Hope, MN

FXB New Hope's Top Ten Tips to a Thinner Thanksgiving!

  1. Make Thursday your Fun Day....(but don't go totally pay for it on Friday!!)
  2. Bring healthy appetizers, like fruit & veggies to munch on before the big meal.
  3. Out of sight out of mind! Don't bring home any left overs, or send them all home with others!
  4. Track what you eat, even if it isn't pretty. It helps you stay more accountable if you know exactly how much you ate...
  5. Chew gum.  This week their will be temptations at work & active, busy mouth is less likely to succumb to the temptations.
  6. Mentally prepare yourself of the choices you will make at the big meal, decide ahead of time what is absolutely worth having and what you are okay with skipping.
  7. EAT BREAKFAST - the temptation is to skip a meal to indulge at the big meal...get your protein in to take the edge off!
  8. Pay attention to your portions - try to just take a taste of a game with yourself and when dishing up your food, don't let any of the food touch on the plate, its amazing how that will affect your portions.
  9. Skip the seconds...TRY to resist the temptation to go back for more!
  10. Eat SLOWLY, put your fork down in between your bites!!


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